Rashe is a french artist and graphic designer born in 1989. He started drawing at a very young age and discovered graffiti in 2000. Rashe has put his trademark on concrete and brick all over the world, from France to India to Australia to Thailand. His work has been shown in Paris and Melbourne and has also been published internationally in journals such as "Land of sunshine", "Artaq" and "Clouded Thoughts".

The name Rashe came about for a variety of reasons the most important being the meaning of the english word "rash" and the way it relates to the idea of disease and infection. In this was infectious rashes and graffiti share many similarities, appearing suddenly all over the place and without permanence.

He prefers to paint in abandoned buildings marked by the past where the lines between the present reality and other eras have been blurred by the intrusion of nature and the processes of erosion. In these kinds of places he feels inspired and excited to adapt his style to the chosen site and play with the support used. He also likes to explore and interact with found materials incorporating them into his work in order to help you travel into his imaginary world.

A few years back Rashe focused on the effects of 3D in his graffiti style but recently he has begun mixing his illustration skills learnt as graphic designer into his pieces. In this way he now uses the letters as a basis for an exploration of the infinitely small, the scientific and the biological with an emphasis on abstract patterning.


2014 Urban + Iconic, Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, Victoria, Australia
• 2014 Sydney Road Festival, Victoria, Australia
• 2014 Pull Up Party, Victoria, Australia
• 2014 Rainbow Serpent Festival, Victoria, Australia
• 2014 Let Them Eat Cake Festival, Victoria, Australia
• 2013 Strawberry Fields Festival, New South Wales, Australia
• 2013 All your walls event in Hosier Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
• 2012 Burning Night France, Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris, France
• 2012 Photograffée, Galerie La Friche, Paris, France
• 2011 Photograffée, Galerie 154, Paris, France
• 2011 Tag and tof, Confluence, Paris, France